Nainital, Dec 2023: Three women were killed in a wildlife attack in Bhimtal area. The tigress was responsible for this. According to sources, this has come to light in the report of the Wildlife Institute of India (WII). However, it has not been revealed whether there is only one tigress in all three cases or if it is the same tigress that was rescued from the Bhimtal area recently.

When the investigation was started after the wildlife attack in the Bhimtal area, there were indications that it was a tiger instead of a leopard. Incidentally, the skates and hair indicated that it was a tiger. Wild hair etc. found near the incident site were collected and samples were sent to the Wildlife Institute of India for DNA testing. It was clear from the two samples that it involved a tiger and not a leopard. After the third incident in Tok Tada of Gram Panchayat Alchauna on 19 December, samples were sent for investigation. Now many things have become clear from its investigation report. According to sources, it is clear that in all these three incidents, the tigress has committed these incidents.

The forest department team had rescued the tigress near Jangliagaon last Tuesday night. Its blood, feces, and hair have been sent for DNA testing. Now its sample report will be matched with the samples of the tigress involved in all three incidents. After this, it will be proved whether this tigress was involved in the incident or there is some other tigress. Apart from this, the question also remains whether the same tigress is involved in all three incidents or whether there are different ones.

According to sources, if the report of the tigress comes negative then the option of releasing her in Rajaji National Park can be considered. At present, the age of the tigress is only one and a half years. Apart from this, the number of tigers and tigresses in Rajaji is less as compared to places like Corbett Park, etc. Tigers have been sent there before also. Chief Conservator of Forest (Wildlife) Sameer Sinha says that the report that has come has been presented in the court.


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