Chandigarh, 30 Dec 2023: A delegation of GMCH-32 Nursing Welfare Association led by Principal Secretary Vijay Kumar today met Sanjay Tandon, former president of Chandigarh Pradesh BJP and co-in-charge of Himachal Pradesh BJP. The association shared its years-old problem with BJP leader Sanjay Tandon and sought his support. According to the association, she has not got the benefit of promotion post in the nursing cadre for almost twenty years. As a result, more than 200 employees are forced to work in the same position for the last two decades.

Employees have long experience in various positions

Male and female employees working in GMCH 32 are serving on the posts of Nursing Officer, Senior Nursing Officer and other posts. Despite long experience, he has been working on the same post for two decades. The association appealed to BJP leader Sanjay Tandon to provide them relief by creating promotion posts for their nursing cadre.

Waiting for 1996 and 1998 batch

Association Principal Secretary Vijay Kumar said that all the employees of the year 1996 and year 1998 batch are worried about not getting promotion posts since their recruitment and are forced to work on the same post.

Writing letters to hospital management and Chandigarh administration for 10 years

Nursing Welfare Association Principal Secretary Vijay Kumar said that since 1992, there has been no promotion post for nursing cadre. He said that he has been writing letters to the hospital management and Chandigarh administration for ten years regarding restoration of the promotion post. But no action has been taken till date.

Recruitment of 322 posts pending from December 2022

The association told BJP leader Sanjay Tandon that a recruitment for 322 posts of Nursing Officer from December 2022 is also still pending. This has a direct impact on the patients and their relatives. The hospital management and Chandigarh administration are giving different reasons from time to time for promotion posts and pending recruitment. But he has not been heard yet. BJP leader Sanjay Tandon took the demand letter from the association and assimilated their concerns and assured them that the appropriate demands would be considered soon.


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