Rail project affected in development block Kirtinagar’s Ranihat and Naithana stopped the construction work of railway tunnel on Saturday. Raising slogans against the administration and the executing agency on the spot, the affected accused the executing agencies of neglect and breach of promise.

On Saturday, the angry people of Naithana and Ranihat under the leadership of Pradhan Asha Bhatt reached the work site of the project, after which they stopped the construction work of the rail tunnel by demonstrating near the project tunnel. During this, SDM Ajayveer Singh, who reached the spot, sought time till July 27 from the affected people to resolve the problems. The affected said that whenever they stage a sit-in for their demands, only assurances are given to them. Said that due to the land of many people dependent on agriculture going to the project, a crisis of livelihood has arisen in front of them. In January, 45 youths of the village were given training for three months by luring them to be given employment by the agencies engaged in the construction work of the project. During this, he was taken work without any honorarium, but till date neither he was given certificate nor job. The affected told the SDM that they would continue to oppose the project till they were given permanent employment.Among the protesters are former district panchayat members Dr. Uttam Bhandari, Roshan Rudola, Usha Rawat, Sunita Devi, Sudama Devi, Shakuntala, Kamala, Kranti, Anita, Urmila, Munni, Kalpu, Shukri Devi, Jagdish Prasad, Ramesh Rawat, former head Manoj Joshi , Hemwant Rawat, Shoorveer Singh, Vinod Singh, Praveen Chauhan etc.


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