It is alleged that the stock of fertilizers was found less in the audit. The amount was not deposited after selling the manure. A case has been registered on the complaint of Assistant Registrar.

A case of embezzlement of crores of rupees by selling fertilizers in Hanspur packs in Fatehabad, Haryana has come to light. According to the information, the manager and the salesman together sold the fertilizer and did not deposit the amount of about Rs 2 crore 18 lakh. When the audit was done, the stock of fertilizers was found less.

After receiving the complaint, Sadar Police has registered a case against the manager of The Hanspur Packs, Devilal and Khunan’s salesman Mulkhraj on charges of cheating and embezzlement on the complaint of Assistant Registrar of Cooperative Society, Fatehabad. It is alleged that the manure was sold in the market and its amount was not deposited.

According to the case, it has been told in the complaint given to the police that the CM window was installed regarding the embezzlement case in The Hanspur Pax. A joint inquiry committee was constituted for the investigation. The complaint in CM Window was related to Ayalki Pax, Hanspur Pax and Nagpur Pax.


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