People residing in India are always facing one problem that whether the grocery we are using is pure or not! Team HumariBaat for the reason we went to malls, villages and general stores and asked people that whether they are satisfied with the quality of stuff they are taking. Out of 10,000 people, 45% people do care about the brand they are using but they may change a product from brand to brand, 20% people are those who actually don’t care about the brand but they for sure use taste and price parameter while purchasing any stuff. 15% is the audience which is buying stuff from the particular brand. They are the ones who check brand first before any purchase. Rest of the people who are mostly students never care about the price, brand or anything, they buy what is coming along or mere availability.

Brands which are heading in food are as following

  1. The most selling spices brand is Mahashian Di Hatti (MDH)
  2. The most selling grain brand is Ashirvaad
  3. In snacks like noodles, Nestle and Britannia (Because of Biscuits) are one same league
  4. Other used food brands like ghee, honey etc Patanjali is head (Milk and Paneer are not included)
  5. In beverages and drinks, Tata is heading

Most selling other purposes daily using brands are

  1. Unilever is most selling cloth washing brand
  2. Patanjali again emerged as most selling Dental Care brand.
  3. Garnier emerged as number one beauty brand as per the crowd’s opinion.
  4. Harpic by big margin is most selling home cleaning brand

We also asked the brand-oriented people which as per you is the purest brand. Patanjali was first heading, Britannia, Amul, and Tata were following it. As we all know that Patanjali is fastest growing FMCG company in India. Baba Ramdev’s business strategy has put big business


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