India is a very big country to manage. It is having the fastest growing population and is seventh largest Nation area wise. 7 Major religions, 25 plus languages, and highly versatile cum enriched culture. With such vast scope and 2nd largest democratic country, India is hub many issues. But many of the problems are majorly due to the mindset that can be changed following 10 issues will get proper solution.

  1. The biggest problem that India is facing is that of the population. This is like death coming in front of you. Still today many uneducated and minority people are contributing hugely to this. Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Bihar are having the highest density of population. UP has currently passed 20 crores who is followed by Maharashtra then Bihar and then West Bengal. In India, the annual growth rate of population is 1.8 percent and capital production ratio is 4: 1. This means that to stabilize the current economic growth rate (4 x 1.8) = 7.2 percent of national income should be invested. Which is a very big target. The population is the only reason that further results in following other major problems.Inflation, unemployement directly or indirectly are the result of over population.
  2. Imbalance of ecology and environment in India is another big problem. It has not only impacted India but It is now a global problem. Pollution is increasing and forests are cutting down in a need to make villages and societies as such our ecological balance destabilizes. Animals have lesser place to live, ozone layer got depleted and at last overall temperature of earth goes on increasing and at last global warming is the outcome. Animals like Elephants, Tigers and others come out to a village and abolish farms and prey on cattle in search of food. As such, loss of lives is witnessed from both sides.
  3. Social Indiscrimination between minorities and majorities.India from the ages is always been very much tolerant but from last 10 years, India is witnessing a harsh battle between two communities. Sometimes Hindu – Muslim, sometimes God’s men communities spread violence, few people spread voilence in getting reservation. Sometimes few communities claim that a law is attacking their personal choices that are related to food, love or land. So government should take reviews from people because such fights are result of only political interests but victims are always common man.
  4. Classes verses masses fight for justice. “You don’t know who I am”, this is the statement that when there happen an argument between a classy and massy guy. A classy person always show his or her supremacy over a massy. One such example is that of farmers who faces such injustice from Zamindars and contractors. Which in result put the povered people into more difficult states.
  5. Crime in India is rising like a fire burning the trees in a forest.India is witnessing a dramatic spurt in crimes with the law enforcement agencies increasingly becoming weaker to nab the criminals. The rule of law has been considerably eroded over the years as is evident from the ever increasing cases of rape, kidnapping, murder, extortion, trafficking, robbery and many other petty crimes. The inability of the courts to dispense justice on time and the incompetence of the police to bring the perpetrators to book has emboldened the criminals to take the law into their own hands.

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