Regal Kitchen Speciality Foods at Vadodara Meet

Vadodara Caterers were Impressed by the Main Course dishes made through RTE/ RTC Products of Regal Kitchen Foods’s Products at a Recent Event.

Vadodara – A recent caterers association meeting in Vadodara provided positive exposure for a packaged food company’s vegetarian ready-to-eat (RTE) and ready-to-cook (RTC) products. The company served a showcase menu to attendees using their RTE Dal Makhni, RTC Tomato Makhani Base Gravy, RTE Moong Dal Halwa, and other dishes, receiving rave reviews from caterers across the city.

The high quality and flavor of the main course offerings made from the company’s RTE and RTC packaged ingredients especially impressed the catering professionals at the event. The vegetarian menu served directly to the caterers enabled the company to highlight its culinary capabilities and the convenience provided by its packaged food products.

“We were extremely pleased by the response to our products at the Vadodara Caterers Association meeting,” said a spokesperson for the packaged food company. “The caterers loved our RTE Dal Makhni and RTC Tomato Makhani Base Gravy in particular. Getting such great feedback directly from key potential business customers was invaluable.”

The positive reception has already led to building important relationships with Vadodara caterers who are interested in purchasing the company’s products regularly going forward. Caterers saw first-hand how packaged food items can upgrade their own menus and save time in meal preparation.

The large Vadodara catering market represents an expansion opportunity for the packaged food company. Their participation in the recent caterers’ meeting provided the ideal showcase to introduce their brand and products through the impressive vegetarian menu served. As they grow their presence in Vadodara and surrounding regions, similar outreach events to catering professionals will remain a marketing priority.


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