Gau Raksha Vibhag in Thakur Dwara temple

VHP “Gau Raksha Vibhag” Team mandated new team in Thakur Dwara Manimajra, Chandigarh


On 15/12/19, a special meeting of Vishva Hindu Parishad Chandigarh was organized in Thakur Dwara Temple of Manimajra. It was organized by Rishi Raj, The State President of VHP Goraksha Vibhag. The meeting was attended by Chandigarh VHP Vice-President Devinder Sidhu, President of Indian Govt Protection and Promotion Pandit JaishankarContinue Reading

Navyug Ramlila Rehersal Aarti

Aman Sharma, managing director of ITFT College, became the chairperson of the Navyug Ramlila and Dussehra committee


The stage of Navyuga Ramlila is known for testing new experiments. This year, Navyug Ramlila did a lot. Changed his entire script and at the same time changed the architecture of the stage completely. With the launch of the website, Navyug Ramlila is the first Ramlila bani of Chandigarh whichContinue Reading