Navyug Ramlila Rehersal Aarti

The stage of Navyuga Ramlila is known for testing new experiments. This year, Navyug Ramlila did a lot. Changed his entire script and at the same time changed the architecture of the stage completely. With the launch of the website, Navyug Ramlila is the first Ramlila bani of Chandigarh which is going to be listed in Wikipedia.

The executive body of Navyug Ramlila and Dussehra Committee is mentioned further. ITFT College’s Managing Director Aman Sharma, is the chairman of this institution. Ajit Kumar has been appointed as President. Pradeep Rawat is General Secretary, while the Senior Vice President is Haramesh Bal and Vice President is Ashok Soni. The joint secretary is Naveen Kumar and the cashier is Ish Sharma. Committee’s Advisor is R. M. Bhardwaj and Sanjay Mahindra is the Assistant Cashier. Pardeep Kumar is the director of Navyug.

It is believed that this year, this organization has started doing all its work online, accepting the online medium for donation, wallet services like Paytm have been started, as well as the website has been created, which contains sari information including videos. Will be available. Hope this time viewers will get to see a lot of new things.


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