Gau Raksha Vibhag in Thakur Dwara temple

On 15/12/19, a special meeting of Vishva Hindu Parishad Chandigarh was organized in Thakur Dwara Temple of Manimajra. It was organized by Rishi Raj, The State President of VHP Goraksha Vibhag.

The meeting was attended by Chandigarh VHP Vice-President Devinder Sidhu, President of Indian Govt Protection and Promotion Pandit Jaishankar Joshi, State President of Cow slaughter and meat exports Snehil Sharma, Vice President Malkit Singh, Punjab State Goraksha Department Co-head and foster officer of Chandigarh Jitendra Dalal Dayanand Sharma was also present there. Including Chamanlal, Devinder Kumar, Shiv Kumar Khanna, L.N.Garovar. Dasinder Pal the Temple Pradhan was declared as the President of the Indian Goraksha Movement Committee of the Chandigarh region. On the other hand, Deepak Kumar became the chairman of Bhartiya Goraksha Andolan Samiti from Keshav Nagar block along with him, Sanjay has been appointed as chairman of cow slaughter and meat exports from Manimajra block, Jaiparit Singh from sector 7 Mahakali Nagar block and Nikita from sector 7 block Mahakali Nagar were also given these responsibilities. All these new group member were formed and addressed by Jitendra Dalal. Mr Dalal taught them the work and management of the organization, their functions and how they have to protect the Gomata and cow dynasty.

For the promotion and how the farmers can prepare the products of Gomata. By setting up a training center, cow industry can be built up in their area, the unemployed section of the society can provide employment to a large extent. Human body can be saved from many harmful diseases by manufacturing various types of medicines from the cow dung, urine and other panchagavya products. Rishi Raj with Devender Sidhu, Pandit Jaishankar Joshi said in their common statements that according to Lord Mahavir human defense is not possible without cow protection. Lord Buddha has called cows the ultimate friend of man. A cow collects one time meal for 4,10,440 humans in its lifetime. The happiness and prosperity of India is associated with the cow. Dr. Hedgewarji got the inspiration of Hindu organization only because of the movement for the protection of cow and happiness. Regardless of the equipment and chemical fertilizers that farmers can get for agricultural development, but there is no substitute for organic manure from cow cow urine, cow dung, obtained from cattle.


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