Metro will be suitable for Chandigarh or mono rail, or any other means of public transport, in 12 years more than 100 meetings and even after spending more than 10 crore rupees, the Chandigarh administration has not been able to decide anything yet. Therefore, it has been decided to conduct a fresh survey once. Dharampal, Advisor to the Administrator, has given instructions in this regard on Monday. Earlier, he held a meeting with Rail India Technical and Economic Services (RITES Company) to understand the 2009 Metro project. In this meeting held on Monday, a presentation was given by the company regarding the entire project. During this, Advisor to the Administrator, Dharampal said that the technology of 2009 is now out of date. The standards of the ministry have also changed, so now the new technology will have to be worked on. Advisor Dharampal ordered that a fresh study be conducted to find out what would be better for the city. He said that whatever suggestions come in the study, they would be seriously worked on. He has also directed to appoint an agency for this work. After going through the presentation made by the RITES company, the advisor said that the first report is very old. Therefore, keeping in mind the current circumstances and modern technology, there is a need to prepare a mobility plan. Metro will run in the city, mono or sky bus, it will be decided only after the new study. Dharampal said that new guidelines have been issued in this regard by the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, according to which this plan should be done.the survey conducted by RITES in the year 2009, detailed information was given about the traffic pressure in different areas of the city at that time. It was also told at which square there is maximum traffic at what time. RITES had submitted the blueprint of the traffic management plan till 2041 in the urban complex to the administration. During Monday’s presentation, company representatives said that the survey they had submitted earlier was in line with the traffic pressure at that time. Now the circumstances have changed a lot. The traffic has increased manifold, So the plan has to be prepared accordingly. Regarding the Metro, it was earlier said by RITES that it should be extended up to Panchkula. After this, RITES did a survey towards Mohali and Panchkula including Chandigarh. In this survey, Sector-21 was said to be the last station of the metro. The Housing Board of Manimajra was said to be the last stop for Chandigarh. Five metro corridors were fixed in the metro project.


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