According to the administration, for the last one week, the rate of vegetables and fruits has neither decreased nor increased. But the townspeople are telling a different story, they say that the government retail rates of vegetables and fruits are fixed every day by the administration. According to him the vendors do not sell vegetables and fruits. Higher prices are being charged than that.
The administration has also never tried to know this reality. At present, the most expensive rate is that of peas, which has reached Rs 90 per kg. For the convenience of the people, the administration fixes the retail rates of vegetables and fruits daily, so that the residents of the city do not face any kind of problem regarding the prices.
Vegetables and fruits sold at this rate on Saturday, the administration has fixed the rates

Vegetable Name Price per kg

Onion Indori 30 to 35 rupees

Onion Local 25 to 30 rupees

Tomatoes 20 to 30 rupees

Ghiya 30 to 40 rupees

Ginger 70 to 80 rupees

Chillies 50 to 60 rupees

Peas 80 to 90 rupees

Potato Store Rs 15 to 20
Potato (Pahari) 20 to 25 rupees

Arabic 20 to 30 rupees

Cucumber 30 to 50 rupees

Bhindi 30 to 40 rupees

Lemon 60 to 80 rupees

Pumpkin 20 to 30 rupees


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