Muslim Dhaba, Muslim Hotel, Halal Shop, Islamic Dhaba, Islamic Hotel, moreover Islampur like names are fine to use according to the Constitution and the law of India, but if any shopkeeper simply wrote ‘Hindu fruit shop’, then the police reached his shop in a few hours, first the police torn the poster with the picture and also of Hindu Gods and After that, police also lodged an FIR of 107, against the shopkeeper on the name of discrimination.

A shopkeeper in jamshedpur only written ‘Hindu fruit shop’ on his shop, the shopkeeper did not write anywhere to just take the goods from me, or from someone else because I am a Hindu. The police came and tore the poster and filed a case against the shopkeeper, that is, only to declare his shop as ‘Hindu’, whereas Muslim The eatery, Muslim Hotel, halal shop it’s all completely legal. This incident at first occured in Jamshedpur.

In this country, Hindus do not have the freedom to write ‘Hindu shops’ on their shops, and to say that the law is equal for everyone.


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