Bored Panda Animals Invade Cities As People Quarantine Themselves At Home

These days wild animals are tress passing in cities worldwide during lockdown period. Government of many nations has done this to counter the impact of pandemic “coronavirus”. So we contacted Wildlife SOS, a reputed wildlife conservation trust. The trust have spoken openly on various issues, and cleared many misunderstandings.

SNEHIL SHARMA, Author of Eternal Science Book and Editor of “Humari Baat MSME”

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Coronavirus is new age pandemic that has created havoc in worldwide. Moreover the virus is becoming threat to human race day by day, since more than 8 lakh cases of the virus has been detected globally. Every nation has been taking the great steps to counter this situation as such many countries like India has done complete lockdown.

Animals Invade Cities As People Quarantine Themselves At Home
Animals Invade Cities As People Quarantine Themselves At Home

While talking to the team we initially asked that how much this virus can influence animals? Add to that we also questioned them if a human being should consider precaution while dealing with domestic animals and other pets. To which they replied “There is no evidence that house pets like cats and dogs can transmit coronavirus. However, experts think the coronavirus transmitted to humans from consumption of endangered species such as pangolins or bats in China, where the virus originated. However, the exact source is yet to be determined.”

After confirming this important aspect, we questioned on wild animals freely roaming on roads? they replied with facts that “While the entire nation has come to a standstill due to the coronavirus lockdown, wild animals near urban spaces are taking this opportunity to explore beyond the comforts of their forested homes. Restricted movement of vehicles has in turn made roadways more accessible for animals to navigate.” The team further explained that “Pollution levels have decreased, public spaces are lying deserted and reduced human encounters has in turn given urban wildlife an opportunity to venture beyond their usual territory. It also gives us a chance to rethink our relationship with nature. We must remain sensitize to the presence to animals in our cities and learn to co- exist”.

Another Leopard Spotted In Chandigarh, Police Ask Residents To
Leopard Spotted In Chandigarh

At last we asked for what precaution should an individual follow whenever they encounter any wild animal? With full proficiency they answered “If you come across any bird, reptile or mammal that is injured or in distress, please alert your local police or forest department. Avoid handling animals on your own especially when its is a reptile or large mammal, and do keep a close eye on the animal from a safe distance till the help arrives. Wildlife SOS runs 24 hr animal rescue helplines in Delhi NCR, Agra & Vadodara”.

Animals roam streets
Animals roam streets

Wildlife SOS has conveyed a beautiful message through us that may give us a foresight to look after our nature. The team said Growing habitat destruction, rapid urbanization, and fragmentation of forests is fracturing wildlife corridors and rapidly blurring the lines between cities and forests. In this case, wildlife living in proximity of such expanding urban areas have no choice but to venture into human habitation in search of food. It is important that we learn to co-exist with wild animals and understand their plight as their natural habitat is slowly vanishing due to human induced factors.

Team HumariBaat urges everyone to respect nature. It can be done by conserving animals and plants. It should not be practiced keeping in mind that we are the boss. We have to think that the nature is the only soverign. Doing this and agreeing on this aspect can definitely stop the evolution of pandemic like “CORONAVIRUS” in future.


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