The land of gods, Uttarakhand is very much ancient region. It is always considered as the land of spirituality but by the time the region is fully acknowledged for its overall beauty. It is now regarded as one of the most loved places to spend holidays. It is home to two most known cultures i.e. Garhwali and Kumauni.

Why is Uttarakhand different from Himachal Pradesh and other mountain regions?

Unlike HP, Uttarakhand is having more diverse wildlife species. HP and J & K are more of Hindu – Sikh and Muslim-Hindu state respectively. UK is the home to all the three religions i.e Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and even Christians and most importantly they all of them share a very close bond. Communal riots are very rare. Add to that, UK is having a wide range of flora as well. Farmers of UK are happiest out of all farmers of all the states. Uttarakhand is considered the iconic because it represents “Bharat” and “Great Himalayas”.

Ten places in Uttarakhand that one must visit!

Wilderness of Uttarakhand – Corbett National Park & Rajaji National Park

Uttarakhand is a home of various wild species. It really attracts visitors from all over the world. Right from Biggest Elephant to smallest Cobra. Visitors always get mesmerised by seeing animals in their own natural habitant. This wilderness brings highest revenue to UK government. Ramnagar’s Corbett National Park and Haridwar-Rishikesh’s Rajaji National Park are keyplayers.Corbett is reverred as oldest national park of India.

Spiritual Uttarakhand – Chardhaam, Hemkunth, Haridwar and Rishikesh

It is 100% right to call Uttarakhand asDevBhoomi, as it is having temples at every 10 KM. If Rishikesh is “Hairs of Ancient Sages”, then Haridwar is a door to reach “God”. On one side, Shankracharya had found UK as perfect place for meditation and on other side, Guru Gobind Singh claimed that he had meditated on ultimate Kaal Brahman in his previous incarnation. It is an ambition of every Hindu to visit chaar dhaam and UK is having summary of Chaardhaam (Chhota Chaardham) known as Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. Goddess worshipers also consider UK as perfet place for their sadhna. Ganga and Yamuna cherish people by cutting down their sins.

Paradise for Adventurous

If you love rafting, parasaling, boating, horse riding, camping and other adventrous, you must plan your camp trip nearKosi River inRishikesh. Try it once, you will for sure come Rishikesh again and again.

Romance in the Air of Nainital, Mussoorie, Ranikhet and beautiful villages of Garhwal – Kumaon Area

If you are couple and wanted experience divine love, then Nainital and Ranikhet is most appropriate place. Hire a vendor and make a seven day trip. Spend first two days n Nainital start your trip by taking blesses from Goddess Naina Devi and then enjoy boating on ‎Nainital Lake. Experience ‎Shopping in Nainital and then make your way to ‎Eco Cave Gardens and horse riding to Naini Top. Next two days take your ride to Ranikhet and visit Jhula devi, Chaubatia Orchards, Majhkhali, Kalika temple, Golf Corse. Don’t forget to capture photos from Bhalu Dam. Now make your way to Garhwal. Take a stop in one of the rural sites in UK where you will witness beautiful farms and real Bharat. Once you will reach Mussoorie, ask your driver to showcase Childer’s Lodge, Gun Hill, Kempty Falls, Lake Mist, Municipal Garden, Mussoorie Lake, Bhatta Falls, Mossy Fall and Happy Valley in three days.

Special mention – Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, Rudrapur the Industrial one and Roorkie – the education at best

If you are willing to make a good IT career, Dehradun is one city that is rising day by day. Investors are investing their to get their projects done through cheap labour. In a near future, we will witness Dehradun amoung prominent career city with Rudrapur.Roorkie on the other hand is better known as a prominent education city.

Day before yesterday was Uttarakhand Sthapna Diwas, On the day (9 november 2000) UK was separated from UP. Result is good because UK has developed alot after the separation.


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