On the same day, Praduman’s father had said that he did not trust the way Haryana Police was handling in the Pradumnn murder case of Ryan International School, where the school bus conductor “Ashok Kumar”, was arrested. Now everyone is uncomfortable with the truth that came out of CBI investigation. No one can believe that only an innocent child could kill another just to avoid examinations and PTMs. It is learned from the CBI investigation that the accused had been searching for many alternatives and finally, there was no other way than killing him. He felt that the school would be closed only after ‘something big’.

The CBI has given a clean chit to the conductor Ashok Kumar, who has been made the accused by the Haryana Police. The Haryana Police had claimed that Ashok had killed him while attempting sexual harassment of Pradyumna, but the CBI did not get anything against him in its investigation. Neither did Pradyuman get any evidence of sexual harassment.

The CBI official said that the accused 11th student lured him to tell Pradyumna some essential thing and called him into the bathroom and sang his throat within a few seconds. The official said, ‘Someone had to die on that day. He came with the preparation that today he will use this knife on somebody. Pradyumna, unfortunately, reached the wrong place at the wrong time. ‘

Sources said that Half Yearly Examinations of 11th Class were running at that time. On September 6, the accused had given the first examination and on 8th September i.e. the second execution was on the day of the murder. During the investigation, the CBI found the behavior of the accused student suspicious. He came to know that the accused told his classmates that he did not need to read because he would postpone the exam. After this, the CBI proceeded with this aspect and then proceeded to get further references.

According to the CBI, after cutting the throat of Pradyumn, the accused gave the school’s gardener the information about the boy who is ‘injured’ in the bathroom. As soon as the gathering of school teachers and staff began, the accused went quietly and sat in his class where the examination had just begun. He had reached in a few minutes. Shortly after this, the same happened which the accused wanted. The exam was canceled, the school was stopped for evacuation.

But There arrises many questions on Haryana Police?

  • Is Haryana police trustworthy? Because It is not for the first time that they have broken people’s trust?
  • Is Haryana police a savior or a demon in the guise of “saviour”?
  • Why always an innocent got the punishment?
  • Why School and authority regulate and improve such an unorganized system?
  • Why parents become so blind that they hide such things, knowing that this will be not good for their pal?


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