Shreya CGC Jhanjeri

Dietitian Shreya’s parent company Healthviser Pvt. Ltd. has signed MoU with CGC Jhanjeri as Educational Partner for Internship & Practical Exposure of Students.

Jhanjeri, Mohali. Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Jhanjeri yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Healthviser Pvt. Ltd. with the aim to provide the required practical exposure and internship to students of CGC Jhanjeri. Certificates will be awarded to students upon completion of course and stipend may also be paid to good performers. Dietitian Shreya and her team at Healthviser Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Sahil Kapoor, Associate Director, CGC Jhanjeri and Dr. Jaskiran Kaur, Director Management were present.

Dietitian Shreya, the owner of Healthviser Pvt. Ltd., visited CGC Jhanjeri campus. Dr. Jaskiran Kaur, Director Management, welcome Shreya by presenting a Bouquet to her at her arrival. During her interview she shared her views and success journey with students and unveiling tips on how they can make their career as a nutritionist or dietitian. When asked why she took this field as her career, Dietitian Shreya gladly answered “Since very beginning I was very curious on how a fruit or vegetable can benefit human and this ultimately took her to take this field as a profession.” On Social Media she said

Sharing his view on the MoU signing, Mr. Arsh Dhaliwal, MD CGC Jhanjeri stated, “It is a pleasure for us that Healthviser Pvt. Ltd. is now our educational partner and we welcome them to our family. Our partnership will work towards providing better educational experience to our students, which is the sole motive of CGC Jhanjeri.


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