Team of big businessmen of Chandigarh will go to Delhi on 10th to express gratitude to Modi: Harish Garg

Chandigarh: A grand program is being organized by the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) on June 10 at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi, in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be thanked.

It is noteworthy that CAT’s National General Secretary Praveen Khandelwal has registered a spectacular victory in the Chandni Chowk seat of Delhi by 90 thousand votes during the Lok Sabha elections. This grand program is being organized on this occasion. Prime Minister Narendra Modi can also be present in it.

Giving this information, CAT’s Chandigarh Chapter President Harish Garg said that CAT’s Chandigarh team will also participate prominently in this thanksgiving program of Modi . Under the leadership of Harish Garg, this team from Chandigarh had also gone to Delhi during the Lok Sabha elections and campaigned for BJP candidate Praveen Khandelwal in Chandni Chowk Lok Sabha constituency.Apart from Harish Garg, among the business leaders going from Chandigarh to attend the program on June 10, the prominent names of CAT’s Chandigarh chapter are General Secretary Bhimsen Agarwal, Vice President Harishankar Mishra, Prem Kaushik, Pawan Garg, Secretary Ajay Singla, Naresh Garg.

Harish Garg said that this time, in honor of the power of the business class, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made CAT National General Secretary Praveen Khandelwal a candidate for the Chandni Chowk seat, which was fulfilled with great enthusiasm by the businessmen and the businessmen supported the newly elected On the orders of MP Praveen Khandelwal, the entire country has already geared up for the 2029 Lok Sabha elections. Under this, CAT will also run a special campaign in the country.


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