CU Student IEEE Selection Divyanshu Mahajan

Chandigarh University Student, Divyanshu Mahajan, Elevates IEEE India Council with Creative Expertise

Chandigarh, India – September 28, 2023: In a proud moment for Chandigarh University, one of its esteemed students, Divyanshu Mahajan, has been handpicked to contribute to the prestigious IEEE India Council. Mahajan, a dedicated member of the IEEE Chandigarh University Student Branch, has been selected to join the esteemed India Council’s Video Editing, Graphic Design, and Production Team.

Divyanshu Mahajan’s selection is a testament to his exceptional skills and creativity in the realms of video editing and graphic design. His inclusion in the esteemed IEEE India Council’s creative team signifies his outstanding talent and dedication to his craft.

The IEEE India Council is renowned for its commitment to technological innovation and excellence. Mahajan’s addition to their creative team is anticipated to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the forefront. His expertise in video editing and graphic design is expected to play a pivotal role in enhancing the Council’s visual communication strategies.

The Chandigarh University community congratulates Divyanshu Mahajan on this remarkable achievement and wishes him continued success in his endeavors with the IEEE India Council. This accomplishment not only reflects Mahajan’s dedication but also highlights Chandigarh University’s commitment to nurturing exceptional talent and providing opportunities for students to shine on the global stage.


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