Women in BJP Chandigarh

Women Eager to Contribute to BJP’s Mission for Women Empowerment: Arun Sood

Chandigarh, India – September 28, 2023: Arun Sood, President of BJP Chandigarh, welcomed women from various sectors interested in working for women’s welfare into the BJP fold. He emphasized that women influenced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies for women’s empowerment in all walks of life, even those not currently in politics, should join the BJP for women’s upliftment.

Leading the way, Vina Goyal, a first-generation entrepreneur and successful woman, joined the BJP along with her professional women friends. Arun Sood warmly welcomed them into the BJP family, donning them in the saffron BJP attire. These women, expressing their eagerness to contribute to the nation’s women’s empowerment efforts, cited PM Modi’s vision as deeply inspiring.

Vina Goyal expressed her desire to join the BJP, noting that she was keen to work for the betterment of Indian women. She acknowledged the impact of PM Modi’s initiatives and credited social media coordinator Manish for assisting her in this decision.

Arun Sood highlighted the BJP’s commitment to women’s progress, encouraging more women to actively engage in shaping the nation’s future. Their enthusiasm and dedication to the cause of women’s empowerment align with BJP’s vision, and their joining reaffirms the party’s dedication to inclusivity and progress.


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