Continuous Landslides Uttarakhand

Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Many buildings came under landslides in Badrinath and Uttarkashi, with land slowly slipping. Landslides are one of the major natural calamities in Uttarakhand. Many tourists lose their lives during their visit to the land of gods, Uttarakhand, especially in the Garhwal region.

Many buildings in Badrinath and Uttarkashi have come under the influence of landslides. The ground is slowly slipping and the risk of landslides is increasing. Many buildings on Badrinath Old Road are at risk of landslides due to the riverfront works going on under the Badrinath Dham Master Plan.

The ground is slowly slipping from under the buildings. Due to intermittent rains, the water level of Alaknanda has also increased, due to which the houses have become more vulnerable. The Hari Niwas located near the river is entirely under the threat of landslide and the PIU (Project Implementation Unit) is taking action to dismantle it.

Under the second phase of the Badrinath master plan, construction works up to 75 meters around the Badrinath temple are being demolished. Shops and houses of pilgrim priests on the Badrinath old road on the Alaknanda side have been completely demolished. Here the work of the riverfront is also going on in full swing.

Houses and Dharamshalas located on the banks of the river are now coming under the grip of landslides. Jamuna Prasad Raiwani, chairman of the Master Plan Sangharsh Samiti, said that from Taptakund to Narayanpuri temple, there are 40 houses where landslides have completely hit. A branch of Punjab National Bank operates at a guest house near Hari Niwas.

This building can also collapse anytime due to landslides. Its rear part is damaged. He says that excavation work is being done on the banks of the river with big machines. Due to this, the base of the houses has been shaken. No action is being taken even after complaining to the administration several times.

The work of the riverfront is going on in Badrinath Dham. The Hari Niwas building, which was hit by a landslide here, will be dismantled. If other structures are also affected by the landslide, they will be shown. Rapid wall construction works are being done on the banks of the river. Adequate arrangements will be made for the security of the houses.


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