Sanjay Singh Revelations

New Delhi, India – Electoral bonds are also being linked to the Delhi liquor policy scam. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia are in jail in this alleged scam, while AAP leader Sanjay Singh has got bail from the Supreme Court in this case. Sanjay Singh held a press conference on Monday and linked the scam to electoral bonds and accused the BJP of corruption. Sanjay Singh said that it has now come to light how the BJP government carried out this scam by hiding it from the people in a planned manner. All this has happened in the form of electoral bonds, which the Supreme Court has brought in front of everyone.

Sanjay Singh said that 33 such companies have incurred a loss of one lakh crore in seven years, these companies have donated Rs 450 crore. Out of these, 17 companies either did not pay tax or they got tax exemption. At the same time, 6 companies have given Rs 600 crore to the BJP.

  • Pearl Developers gave 10 crores to BJP, while it incurred a loss of 1550 crores, it got a tax rebate of 4.7 crores.
  • Ujjaiya Pharma gave 15 crores to BJP, incurred a loss of 28 crores, and got a tax exemption of 7 crores 20 lakhs.
  • One company donated three times its profit.
  • One company donated 93 times its profit.
  • Three companies donated 28 crores but did not pay a single rupee tax.
  • Bharti Airtel has a loss of 77 thousand crores, this company gave 200 crores to BJP. It was given a tax exemption of 8 thousand crores.
  • DLF incurred a loss of 130 crores and it gave 25 crores to BJP. It got a tax exemption of 20 crores.
  • Steel Statech donated 12 crores. It incurred a loss of 150 and got a tax exemption of more than a crore.
  • Dhariwal Infra has a loss of 299 crores and it gave 25 crores to BJP and paid 0 tax.

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