Durga is the spiritual fire and the spiritual fire emerges prominently through the nine stages, during childhood the spiritual fire is ruled by Shailaputri (spiritual fire of determination).

Maa Durga in the first form of Panch Pradhan Prakriti. The other four forms are Vak (Sound) Swaroopni Saraswati, Lakshya Saadhini Lakshmi, Prakriya Pranali Gayatri, and Prem Swaroopni Radha.

Durga is in the form of Buddhi, so she is called Agni in the Vedas. Durga ji is the pure fire from which Sakaar Jyoti i.e. Jwala is born, Jwala or Jyoti is present in every soul by which she is alive, she can perform all the activities of his life.

The form of Jeevan Jyoti in childhood is called Shailputri. This power is the power of Resolution. It empowers the willpower like A Shail or Mountains. This form of Mother is the “Chetna shakti” required in childhood and children should worship this form to acquire strong resolution in Childhood. Goddess Shailputri should be worshiped to generate interest in righteousness, work, and education in children. Remembering this form while joining a new job or resolving a new work helps develop focus and determination.

Iconography of Shailputri

In this form of Mata, Maa is riding on a bull and this explains that just as the bull needs a conductor to control its powers and the immense energy within itself, similarly Goddess Shailputri is the one who controls the energy of the children during their childhood. She helps in maintaining and concentrating. She holds a Trident, which represents the determination to act with planning and focus during the three phases of Life: The Past, The Present, and The Future.

How To worship “Shailputri”?

To Worship Shailputri, one must chant the Beej mantra “Kleem” in every breath. This must be done 11 times in the morning or evening or both.

Her Beej Mantra is “Aim Hreem“. It will awaken your Mool Adhaar Chakra.

Devoid yourself from Sex, Food Desire, and any Materialistic wish.

Happy Chaitra Navratri 2024


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