On Saturday afternoon, an accident took place at Sector – 18 Press Light Point . A collision happened between a Duster and an ambulance leading to the injury of three including patient. The injured were immediately transported to GMSH – 16 and are undergoing treatment.

While , the person in car is safe and sound . The accident damaged both the vehicles . Police from both sector – 3 Police Station and sector – 17 Police Station reached the spot .

As per the information received , BS Bhandari, a referral patient from Roorkee was being brought to PGI Chandigarh. Amit was driving the ambulance. At the same time, Umesh, riding in the Chandigarh number duster car, said that he is the driver of a bakery operator of Sector-8. He was visiting the shop from his factory in Mohali. This accident happened while crossing the light. The ambulance was going towards GMSH-16.


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