A record of 197 deaths in Uttarakhand in a single day on Saturday. The boost in death figures has caused panic in the health department. According to the Health Bulletin issued by the Health Department, the maximum number of 30 patients died in Doon Medical College on Saturday. While 27 patients died in Haldwani Medical College and 25 in Rudrapur District Hospital. Apart from this, 16 patients died at SDH Roorkee, 12 at Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Stadium, 10 patients at AIIMS Rishikesh.

Along with it, death of many corona infected patients have also occurred in other hospitals of the state. Due to the death of closely 200 people in a single day, the restlessness of the government and health department officials is increasing. Actually, there was a slight decrease in the number of dead for the last few days. On Friday too, the death toll had increased due to the old figures coming from a hospital in Haridwar. But due to sudden boost in death rate on Saturday everbody is restless.

5654 new patients in the state, 4806 healed.
On Saturday, a total of 5654 new patients were found in the state. These cases of infection are definitely less, but on Saturday only 23,000 samples have been investigated in the state. In the case of infection, there was some improvement in the condition of Dehradun district on Saturday. In Dehradun, more people were recovered from the new patients and discharged on Saturday. In Dehradun, 1423 new patients were found while 1616 patients recovered and went home. The number of active patients in the state has gone up to 80 thousand.

The state recorded a significant drop in sampling on Saturday. A total of 24010 samples were tested. Whereas earlier on Friday, 29 thousand samples were examined. On May 13, 28 thousand samples were investigated in the state. Whereas on May 12, more than 34 thousand samples were tested across the state. The state has had the fewest Tests on Saturday for the past six weeks. This week only one lakh 97 thousand samples were tested in the state. Which is much less than before.


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