The 75th anniversary of independence was celebrated with great enthusiasm in every state and district of India. Every government and non-government institutions and every political parties celebrated Independence Day at their own level. All political parties also organized programs on the occasion of Independence Day. But a different kind of enthusiasm was seen among the youth of Saketri village located in Panchkula district of Haryana state. Under the chairmanship of Ajay Mishra, resident of village Saketri, 3 flag hoisting programs were organized in village Saketri, Mahadevpur and Manav Colony, included in Ward 1 of Panchkula. The main objective of which was to make the whole country understand the importance of freedom. Ajay Mishra said that even today there are such people in the country who wait for others to celebrate Independence Day, but they should understand that celebrating Independence Day is the duty of every citizen, it is not a compulsion. Ajay Mishra ji presided over the three programs organized in the ward and Ajay Babbar ji played the role of vice-president.

Three program heads Pawan Kumar, Ashok Kumar and Ravi Tyagi ji also played an important role to make the program a success. These youths, who do not belong to any party or organization, perform their every possible responsibility in many types of social service, and public development works. Many other young comrades Dhananjay Mishra, Dharmendra, Akash Avtar and Chaman Singh also participated enthusiastically in the flag hoisting program. Ajay Mishra ji further said that through the program people will also get to know about the patriotism and the spirit of public welfare among the youth of the country. This program is an example for all those youths, who are troubled by small problems and go on the wrong path. A very large youth group in the country suppresses their abilities only because of the poor economic condition. But the strongest aspect of any country is the youth of that country. And all these countries and regions understand this very well.


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