Roadways workers will protest in Haryana on December 12. The workers demanded the conduct of elections to the roadways unions on the lines of the assembly. Haryana Roadways Workers Union also supported the strike of PUNBUS employees.

The employees of Haryana Roadways will protest on 12th December for their demands. Demonstrations will be held across the state under the banner of Sarva Karmachari Sangh. Haryana Roadways Workers Union has also supported the strike of PUNBUS employees. Union and Haryana Roadways Joint Employees Union have demanded to conduct elections of roadways unions on the lines of Vidhan Sabha, Panchayati Raj elections.

Union State President Inder Singh Badhana, General Secretary Sarbat Singh Poonia, Senior Deputy Prime Minister Narendra Dinod, Treasurer Rajpal, Chief Organization Secretary Bijendra Ahlawat, Chief Advisor Ram Asare Yadav and Press Spokesperson Shravan Kumar Jangra told that roadways are being privatized.

The raw employees are not being confirmed, the government is not ready to implement the old pension scheme. The purchase of new buses is not happening fast. Apart from this, the stand of the government on other demands of the employees is not positive. The demands agreed to in the earlier negotiations have not yet been implemented. Therefore, the workers are left with no other option but to protest.

The government should give recognition to the winning union by conducting union elections early. He has demanded from other unions to launch a common movement for this. Balwan Singh Dodwa, Senior State Vice-President of Roadways Joint Employees Union said that the government should start the election process early. With this, one union will raise the demands of the employees before the government and others will support.

This will solve the long pending demands of the employees. There has been a flood of unions in the transport department on the basis of caste and category. Employees in the department, buses are constantly decreasing, while unions are increasing. Having more unions is not less than a curse for the department and the employees. Due to the conflict between the unions, the employees are suffering tremendously. Therefore, the government should work to save the future of the employees by conducting elections.


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