The body of the missing Happy Gujral was found in the fields from village Khanpur Labana in Ambala district of Haryana. It is being suspected of murder. In the initial investigation, the needle of suspicion swung in two directions, but as soon as the mention of the phone call came, it is now sticking to one side. When asked about the call made by the first wife to the third wife, the DSP said that all aspects will be investigated.

Who was the mastermind behind the murder of the landlord? In this episode, the needle of suspicion is moving in two directions and is going straight to Happy Gujral’s first wife. On Saturday evening, the landlord Happy Gujral, a resident of village Khanpur Labana in the district, had left the house on his bike. After that there was no trace of him. Some people had told that it was shown near the bus stand late in the evening, but today at 10 am, his body was found lying in a semi-naked state in the fields of landlord Daljit Singh.

Please tell that Happy Gujral has his own farm at a short distance from the spot. He has 12 acres of agricultural land in this village. As soon as Happy’s body was found, there was a sensation in the village and at the same time, many discussions started taking air. Some were seen to be linked to the old quarrel behind this incident, but a phone call put the needle of this whole matter at such a place.

After this Happy Gujral’s first wife came under suspicion. However, the police is engaged in solving the mystery of this murder case. Several teams of police are engaged in the investigation. Apart from the concerned police station, the CIA, Scene of Crime team and dog squad also came late in the evening to investigate a long distance.

Meanwhile, Happy Gujral’s bike was also recovered from Gurnam Singh’s fields near Kachi Gohar near Peerbaba Chowk. However, the biggest thing that has come to the fore after this murder episode is the phone call made by Happy Gujral’s first wife.


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