The most important element in the sata industry is finally arrested off delete arrested after being on the run from 2016. He was already involved in another similar case logistics other similar case registered in punjab and had another case going on in Delhi which is now closed.

The accused went by the name of Lalit Verma aka Neetu who already owed an amount worth ₹50,000. Roshan Lal Verma, Amarnath Bajaj, Yogeshwar Dayal Sharma and the mafia don D.P. Yadav are the major names involved in the same.

Although he never started the business he said that he continued this illegal business given to him by his father.He now has many properties are vehicles in it and vehicles in his name because he earned in crores by his business. The authorities have not given a statement yet and yet and the investigation is still going on.


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