HGSA Chairman visited Animal Fair in Haryana

Gurugram. The state’s first cattle fair and exhibition was organized by the animal husbandry department in Gurugram on Friday. In this cattle fair, not only farmers of the district and the state, but also farmers from South India had reached. They closely observed the best milk production practices in the event so that they could apply them for themselves. A large number of cattle caretakers with their cattle had arrived at the fair to participate in the event.

The event also exhibited many herbal products for treatment of animal diseases. The exhibition was inaugurated by Deputy Commissioner, Amit Khatri and Chairman of Haryana Gau Seva Aayog, Bhani Ram Mangla. Many herbal product making companies also joined the exhibition to teach and treat the disease s occurring in milch animals. They also showed the various practical examples that can increase milk production capacity of cattle. In the exhibition, the methods of the prevention of milch animals from various diseases including thunella were explained in detail. This stall was specially set up by the Department of Animal Husbandry, in which farmers were told to treat diseases caused in cows and buffaloes with household materials.

Apart from this, various types of Hubzl plants like Lemon Grass and Asparagus etc. were also kept here which are helpful in increasing milk production, increasing immunity and killing stomach worms etc. Another stall in the exhibition was related to identifying Brucella disease. The exhibition was mounted on a Ciculo system machine, through which a second bacterial disease other than Brucella can be identified.

Through this machine, milk of cross breed cows including A1, A2 desi cows can also be identified. Another stall in the exhibition was also shown to be of particular interest by cattlemen. Three machines were placed on this stall. These machines are proving to be a milestone in making Gaushalas self-reliant. Apart from making dung products from these machines of Dhariwal Agro Industries and other equipment such as Gaumutra Yantra were also used to make Gaushalas self-earning.

Apart from this, equipment for grinding wheat from the machine and extracting oatmeal etc. were also placed on the stall, on which cattlemen showed great interest. It was stated in the exhibition that subsidy on these devices is given by the Cow Service Commission. A separate ring was made for display in the competition held for cows and buffaloes at the cattle fair, where cattle ranchers were coming in sequential ways with their animals. Good kind of cow buffalo cat walked in the exhibition like models, which was the center of attraction for the audience. The special thing of the exhibition was, it took special care of cleanliness.

Cleanliness was seen in the place where cows and buffaloes were tied.
The fairness of cleanliness was not only seen at the place where the cow and buffaloes were tied, but also for the common people at the fair. In addition, the use of plastic and polyethylene at the fair was completely banned. Murra buffalo, dry murra jhoti, Shankar breed cow milch, Shankar breed cow dry, Haryana cow milch, Haryana cow dry, Sahiwal cow milch etc. were brought to the exhibition. The display of horsemen of Haryana Amard Police Madhuban and Aquatorian Sports Academy, Gurgaon was also attracting the audience.

In this fair held today, prizes were also placed for the animals who topped each of the five categories. First place animals were given Rs 3100, second was given Rs 2100, third got Rs 1100 and two consolation prize winning animals were given Rs 500-500. The prize distribution to the owners of the winning animals was done by Amit Khatri, Deputy Commissioner, and Bhani Ram Mangla, Chairman of Haryana Gau Seva Aayog. Shri Khatri. Mr. Mangla encouraged the cattle rearers and wished the Animal Husbandry Department for organizing it today.


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