Coronavirus or Covid 19 new symptoms

Humari Baat news service, Patiala.

The havoc of corona in the district is not taking its name to stop, and for the last, almost several days, more than 40 patients are being found corona positive. Today 46 patients were found corona positive in the district. Giving information in this regard, Civil Surgeon Dr. Raju Dhir said that out of 408 Covid reports received in the district, 46 Covid positive case reports has been reported today.

Out of which, 28 belong to Patiala city, 4 to Rajpura, 5 to Kauli, 2 to Kalomajra, 5 to Dudhansadhan, 1 to Shutranan, and 01 to Bhadson, taking the total number of COVID cases in the district to 63200. The number of patients recovering from Covid is 61,232, and active cases are 254.

He said that around 382 samples were taken for Covid investigation in the district. So far, 12,68,577 samples related to the Covid investigation have been taken in the district. In which 63,200 Covid positive, 12,05,154 negative, and about 223 reports are yet to come from the Patiala district.

Civil Surgeon Dr. Raju Dhir said that group citizens should be advised to wear masks, wash or sanitize their hands frequently, avoid crowded places, maintain social distance and get both doses of vaccination to protect them from Kovid. It should be ensured to take precautions like this so that once again, no possible wave of Kovid is faced. Today 1868 citizens got the vaccines of Kovid vaccine in the district.

News by Sumati Choubey


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