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Skincare comprises a number of procedures aimed at keeping one’s skin in good condition. A skincare regimen aims to improve the appearance of the skin while also addressing specific skin issues.

One of the biggest trends that will affect the skincare industry in 2022 is cruelty-free products and sustainability. Customers have begun to expect products that are packaged in environmentally friendly ways. Cruelty-free and environmentally sustainable are two crucial elements to consider when selecting a brand. The most important factors are obviously Natural, Safe, and Transparent.

Upcoming skincare companies are emphasising their environmental concern. More and more businesses are coming out with products that are safe for humans as well as for the planet. They are addressing the necessity to disclose the ingredients and proportions of the ingredients used in their products. Consider using skincare items and then disposing of the packaging in landfills. It will do more harm than good to us and our skin in the long run. Sustainable skincare products are gaining popularity, and this is a trend that will likely continue. Making products with environmentally friendly materials helps to protect the environment.

A Story of Determination and Sustainability

Naina A. Malhotra, an IIM Calcutta graduate, has worked as a consultant for two of the Big Four corporations. After realising the need for easy to go skincare products, she left a stable career to start The Unplugged Skincare. She saw the need for end-to-end skincare as a result of her personal desire to learn about skincare and subsequently purchase products. She tried everything that was advertised in advertisements and was recommended by store saleswomen. The majority of the creams were ineffective for her oily, acne-prone skin. Good skin, she feels, comes from a healthy, balanced lifestyle combined with high-quality products. Unplugging 20 minutes in a day gave her and her skin deep satisfaction. She came up with the idea for her own skincare line at that point. Her brand is intentionally eco-friendly because she is a nature enthusiast. Ask from her close ones, she avoids plastic as much as she can in order to save the environment.

She noticed a need for all-natural skincare products backed by science, i.e., based on proven research. The brand has a list of ingredients that it does not use in its products because they are possibly hazardous. Her life mantra is to ‘uncomplicate’ and ‘unplug,’ to make life simpler!


The Unplugged is a skincare line that is natural, transparent, and environmentally friendly. By keeping things simple, they can educate their clients. The goal is to provide worry-free, highly effective products as well as advice on how to maintain healthy skin. They use ingredients that are plant-based and are safe for long term use. They do not test on animals. Clinical trials are conducted, in which humans test the samples for at least 90 days before the products are launched. Their HydraGlow Range was also created to hydrate and brighten their tribe sustainably. They have an active campaign ofLove Nature Backwherein they –

• Use Glass packaging for every product

• Recycle their packaging by collecting 5 used bottles (And give a product free to the customer)

• Plant a tree in the customer’s name if their purchase is above INR1,000

What’s more, their HydraGlow Toner is an absolute must-have. You’ll be taken to a beautiful rose garden with only a dab of their toner. Their naturally hydrating and refreshing ingredients enable the skin to reduce pores, and feel nourished and refreshed. It will leave you feeling more alert, hydrated, and your skin ready to tackle another day because it is naturally fragrant and filled with a rich symphony of clean components.

You may say goodbye to dullness and dryness with their ultra-light, fast-absorbing HydraGlow Moisturizer. By combining numerous natural gifts in a single container, this HydraGlow Face moisturiser aids in the recovery and enhancement of your moisture barrier. When you use Hyaluronic Acid to rebuild your moisture barrier, it improves the amount of water in your skin, which helps to reduce dryness, dullness, and wrinkles. Vitamins E and B5 aid in the improvement of skin texture and the creation of collagen. Carrot seed oil is a skin rejuvenator that restores a healthy glow to wrinkled skin.

A decent serum is an essential component of any skincare regimen. Their Glow serum is designed to give your skin a natural glow. Your skin would glow in a matter of weeks if you used antioxidants, exfoliants, and clean plant actives.

So, why settle for less when you can radiate beauty without compromising the earth’s beauty?

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