December 6, 2023, Dehradun: Rising disasters in Uttarakhand, have tinged Uttarakhand Government to set up The Incident Response System. It will work as a definite solution to prevent disasters.

As per the sources, There will be three sections of the IRS System. First will be an operation section. The second will be the planning and the third will be the logistics section. Via coordination of all three sections, the disaster relief activity can be done more efficiently and effectively.

Now Incident Response System (IRS) is being prepared to provide quick relief and rescue to people in disasters. Uttarakhand State Disaster Management Authority (USDMA) has started its exercise to get accomplished with this system. It is being established under the rules of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA).

Every year the state faces a warth of natural disasters. Many people lose their lives and property in such disasters. Managing these disasters is a great challenge for the Government. Be it the recent Silkyara tunnel accident or a disaster like the Joshimath landslide Every disaster results in huge destruction. To overcome these, the IRS system is now being prepared under the rules of NDMA. With this, immediate prevention and solution can be done according to the intensity or risk of the disaster. There will be three sections of the IRS. There will be an operation section.

An Incident Response Team (IRT) will also be formed from block to district and state level. These teams will also work according to the disaster. Resources can be mobilized immediately. The officers and employees performing each task will be different. NDMA had given instructions to the state to form the IRS in August itself.

After receiving the initial warning, the Responsible Officer (RO) will activate the Incident Response Team (IRT) of the concerned area. The local IRT will operate in the event of a disaster without any warning. If necessary, he will contact the RO for assistance. IRT will be pre-defined at all levels, i.e. State, District, Sub-Division and Tehsil, Block. If the disaster is complex and beyond the control of the local IRT, the higher-level IRT will be informed. After this, the high-level IRT will take over the responsibility of rescue from this entire disaster. Manpower and resources will be made available as per requirement wherever required.


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