Zirakpur: Confronting sporadic force supply for over three days, many Victoria City inhabitants in Babhat here vented their fury against the PSPCL authorities today by coming out on streets and turning to sloganeering. Most pieces of Zirakpur saw blackouts.

The occupants griped that they were left without power for three days in the pinnacle summer and the PSPCL authorities neglected to reestablish the stock. Additionally, the Junior Engineer, the SDO and the Executive Engineer are not in any event, accepting our calls. They try not to advise individuals when the stock will be reestablished, claimed the occupants.

“Youngsters can’t bear this warmth. Yet, the PSPCL authorities have not come here once. There is nobody here to pay attention to our complaints that is the reason we needed to come out on street,” said a Victoria City occupant .The inhabitants later arranged a demonstration on the Babhat-Nabha street till 9 pm.

In the mean time, in Shiva Enclave, inhabitants grumbled that there was no power for as far back as 24 hours.

“There was a boisterous blast in the transformer around 8 pm yesterday. From that point forward there has been no power and water here,” said Gulzar Singh, a Shiva Enclave resident.In Dhakoli as well, occupants asserted that there was no power since 6 pm today.


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