The park behind the DPS school of Sector-40, Chandigarh, is in a bad shape. There are piles of garbage all over the park. Also, many benches in the park are also broken. A few days ago someone also burnt garbage on a bench.

Local people say that the Municipal Corporation should not pay as much attention to it. The toilet built in this park remains locked. Due to this, people visiting the park are often troubled. People say that they pay every type of tax (tax) but there is nothing on the name of facilities.

Many RWAs cannot properly maintain parks because the amount the Municipal Corporation gives does not even earn a gardener’s salary. -Janak Raj Sharma, Resident, Sector- 40.

Parks will become beautiful if plants get proper water.

There are flowering plants in the parks, but the nursery is dry for several consecutive days due to which the plants dry up, which spoils the beauty of the park. The corporation should pay attention to this. – JS Rahi, Resident, Sector 40

Pruning of trees on time is necessary. There are quite a few trees inside or outside the parks. Their pruning is necessary from time to time, but pruning is not done. Even if it happens, the trees are pruned, the twigs are not raised for months. – SR Bali, resident Sector 40

Corporation must repair parks on time

The grills on the side of the parks are broken. The grills also have not been painted. Periodic care and repair of sports equipment installed in parks is necessary. The lack of color on the grill makes the park ugly. – Sanjay Sharma, resident Sector 40

Park must be clean and toilet open

Cleanliness of the park is necessary. The closure of the toilet is very disturbing. Toilets should remain open for the convenience of the people who come for a walk in the park, it should be considered seriously. – VN Sharma, President, Foswa


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