Bigg Boss 14 Rahul Vaidya

Projected on camera villain on Bigg Boss 14, talented singer Rahul Vaidya is being loved by social media audiences. Rahul Vaidya is one of the contestants on Bigg Boss season 14. Since last week, all the other contestants are one by one poking Rahul Vaidya. It was all initiated when there was a singing contest between Jaan Kumar Shanu and him. In the contest, it was evident that Rahul a way head better singer than him but because of personal issues with Rahul, all the other contestants strategically waved Jaan Kumar Shanu. Every time one of the contestants comes and makes conflicts with Rahul Vaidya. The good part is that Rahul Vaidya single-handedly countered all. Nikki, later on, dumped Jaan and now is playing the love card with a strong contestant “Rahul Vaidya”.

Rahul Vaidya Raises Nepotism in #BiggBoss Season 14
Rahul Vaidya Raises Nepotism in #BiggBoss Season 14

The upcoming promo of his conflict with Jasmine has been showing for many times. That initially, Jasmine is being shown provoking him. She is taunting him to pull a bag or something when Rahul pulled it, she created havoc by rushing and crying loudly.

Day by day Rahul’s popularity increasing and it bypassed everyone when Rahul talked about “Nepotism”. It is evident from the episode that how other contestants appreciate Jaan for average singing only because he is the son of Kumar Shanu. Also because Rahul Vaidya is a strong contestant, so many contestants strategically nominated Rahul Vaidya to danger zone. After seeing the organic trend “Rahul One Man Army” on Twitter, It is a gut feeling that he will be one of the finalists for this season.


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