Agra, Prem Shankar tyagi who got gold medal during convocation at veer bahadur Singh purvanchal university which is held at 22 January 2018 inaugurated by honourable governer Ram naik for securing highest marks in b. Pharm course 2013-17 batch./

Prem Shankar Tyagi born at Gram Bhidawali near Agra in a farmer house. His father named shri Jai Narayan Tyagi and mother name smt. Ramwati Devi sent their child to uncle house in Agra for study because they knew that for better education village is not a suitable place. Prem is highly determined and dedicated child since childhood. He started his schooling from st. Ramanand public school from nursery to 8th. He studied there. Then his uncle shri Rewati lal Tyagi decided to send him in a highly prestigious Air Force school Agra for further study. This was the major turning point of his life because a new atmosphere, English medium culture, civilized people, a new way of study. Prem was topper at st. Ramanand public school but now he was even struggling for passing marks at Air Force school because English was major factor here which was his weakest point. Prem was so dedicated and start struggling day and night for securing his position at Air Force school. He could not forget the efforts of his chemistry teacher name Manju Sharma who was his support system at that weak point, till now he admires her. He got grade point 9 at high school and 81.8 at 12th standard hence he secured third position in the class.

What after 12th ?
Prem was biology student and very influenced from his uncle.His Uncle assist a Doctor so the medicine was his keen interest from childhood he always thought how they manufactured and who manufactured them?? These all question creates his interest in medicine manufacturing.He save his pocket money and go to cybercafe for collecting information regarding his interest of medicine field.then he got to know that b. Pharm is the degree which provide entry into the medicine world. Prem appeared in UPSC entrance examination for taking admission in B. Pharma and qualified it.

College life
Prem appeared for counselling and got admission in veer bahadur Singh purvanchal university jaunpur b. Pharm course 2013-17. This University was so far from his house but he decided to take admission.The atmosphere was totally different here rural area,no major market,and nothing for fun here.But he took it in positive manner and started studying with sincerity. Prem always believed in “don’t do wrong neither tolerate wrong”. “He fought for corruption which was being done by university professionals. They indeed warned him to destroy his carrier and what they tried to do in 7th sem. As per Prem, it was his worst semester because he secured only 65% in this. Topper of all semesters, can’t even make a place in top five in this because he was targeted by intentionally by sending minimum marks at practical. He fought against it and went to vice chancellor and media and but nothing happened only they said that they would take care of this in future. The story didn’t end here. Even after completion of course some people didn’t want to see him as a topper and gold medalist. As such, a shocking news came when a newspaper published the name of second topper instead of his name. Prem claimed his name for Goldmedal and in the meeting it was decided to included his name in the 58 gold medalist list but people who didn’t want to see him as a gold medalist planned a new game and filled a special back exam form with “Prem’s name” and called to the gold medal committee that Tyagi is not capable of gold medal because he had a back in the exam and you could see he filled a exam form and this was shocking to the university and Prem too. University reperesntitave called Tyagi for clarification and asked few question such as
Have you any back in any exam??
Have you ever filled back exam for??
Have you ever get grace in any subject??
The answer for all the question was NO
Prem said that if I filled an exam form then I should have submit hardcopy of exam form to the department. And Offcourse exam fees,without giving exam I cannot pass as they could see he has passed each and every subject. They were satisfied with his answer.

At 22 January 2018 he got gold medal by the hand of honorable Governer Ram naik ji

Now Prem Shankar tyagi is working at Macleods pharmaceutical, Baddi as a production officer which is multinational company having usfda approval. Prem’s fighting spirit and his dedication towards his domain illustrates one thing that “the Hard work always bring success”.

Question doesn’t end here “Corruption is one major termite of India that is involved in most respected organizations too. No matter, the government is taking great steps in fighting corruption but such things should be taken care in all the sectors and in all the levels.

Team HumariBaat wishes Press all the very best for future life.


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