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A person behind the creation of developed state, a person who became PM by promising the mission to establish development. Thereby our PM Narendera Modi year after year is making reforms in all the segments. Now, in World Economic forum, he represented our nation in best way.

While speaking in the forum, He assured market, profit return on FDI. His foriegn policy is case study for many developed nations. He let the world think about few of our major issues.

Team Humari Baat has already described about major issue to which PM Modi has elaborated in the speech.

Major Issues of World

Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday warned against the dangers of climate change while addressing at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to the entire world. He was speaking that it is the most serious threat to human civilization, that all should have to come together to tackle and rationalize natural resources. Her urged that everyone have to pay attention to the use. At the inauguration of the 48th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in the speech that today we are exploiting nature for our greed. We should ask ourselves the question whether it is our progress or it is our greed.

Now the time has come for us to follow the principles of Mahatma Gandhiji. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called on climate change, terrorism and ‘shrinking globalization’ as the three main challenges that the world is facing and to resolve this, He has appealed entire business professionals to work closely with all countries. It is in accordance with ancient Indian philosophy. Along with that, he has also mentioned changes in various global institutions in the current time.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said here in his inaugural address in the full session of the 48th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum, describing climate change as a major challenge, due to which the glaciers are melting, many islands are sunk or are on the brink of drowning.

He has said that for this, all the countries should have become one to fight against this and preserve nature. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that in Indian tradition, Earth is considered as mother. If we are the children of the earth then why is the struggle between nature and human beings running? We are reducing ourselves to exploitation of nature for our pleasures. We have to ask ourselves whether we has been developed or depreciated.

While addressing terrorism as the second major challenge, the Prime Minister raised the issue of artificial distinctions made between ‘good terrorist and bad terrorists’ and indirectly surrounded Pakistan saying that terrorism is dangerous by creating an artificial distinction created between ‘ Good terrorists’ and ‘Bad Terrorist’. Being attracted to the extremism of the well-educated and affluent people, it is involved in terrorism as a matter of serious concern. He has said that today the world is aware of the threat, so he does not want to speak much about it.

Referring to deeper synergy with nature in the ancient Indian tradition, the Prime Minister has said that thousands of years ago, in the Indian scriptures, men were described as sons of the mother earth. Keeping this thinking alive today, India has taken effective steps in the field of solar energy and renewable energy. In order to deal with the challenge of saving water. The government has all set a target of producing 175 MW of renewable energy in the country by 2022. In the last three years, one-third of the target of 60 Mw has been achieved. Along with this, India has formed an international solar organization in 2016 with Fresno, which will be held in March.

Modi’s such intelligence has made the waves again and by presenting his vision, he had submitted part 1 of the Modi government’s report card in an international platform.


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