Chandigarh: The NavYug Ramleela and Dussehra Committee from Chandigarh made history by winning first place in the Ravan-Hanuman Samvad event at the Ramleela competition organized by the Kendriya Ramleela Mahasabha. This is the first time in the 45 year history of the NavYug Ramleela and Dussehra Committee that the team has achieved this feat.

The entire NavYug Ramleela team worked together to help establish this record. Their hard work paid off as they also won consolation prizes for Best Director, Best Makeup, Best Stage Setup, Best Costumes, and Best Acting.

This year’s rendition of the Ravan-Hanuman Samvad or conversation between Ravan and Hanuman was praised for its excellent script, powerful dialogues, creative stage design, and captivating performances by the actors. The NavYug Ramleela team overcame tough competition from across North India to emerge victorious.

The organizers congratulated the team and said their innovative interpretation and production of this iconic scene from the Ramayana established new benchmarks in the Ramleela tradition. The NavYug Ramleela team dedicates this honor to their guru and thanks their families, sponsors and the Chandigarh community for their unwavering support over the decades.


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