Delhi, India: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is asking the Enforcement Directorate (ED) to withdraw its notice, but tomorrow he will say the Supreme Court should withdraw its order, says BJP spokesperson Kapil Mishra. The court order clearly states that bribes of 338 crores were taken. Kejriwal is trying to avoid investigation because he is not honest, adds Mishra.

If Kejriwal was really honest, he would have answered each and every question asked by the ED today. But instead, he is running away from the investigation, which is indicative of his guilt, claims Mishra.

The BJP member argues that Kejriwal’s attempts to avoid ED questioning show he has something to hide. A transparent leader with nothing to conceal would have fully cooperated and provided all the details sought by the investigative agency.

But Kejriwal is doing the opposite – asking the ED notice to be withdrawn and trying to halt the investigation instead of truthfully answering questions. This raises serious doubts about the Delhi Chief Minister’s integrity, implies Mishra.

Here is the complete video on this

An investigation is needed to get to the bottom of the bribery allegations and find out if Kejriwal is indeed guilty of corruption in the amount of 338 crores as alleged. His reluctance to face questioning suggests he fears being exposed. The ED notice should not be withdrawn, and Kejriwal must fully cooperate if he has nothing to hide, emphasizes the BJP spokesperson.

Overall, Mishra alleges that Kejriwal’s evasion of the ED investigation indicates his dishonesty and guilt in the bribery scam. As a public representative, he is duty-bound to address the charges openly, not shun questioning. His demands to halt the probe cast doubt on his credibility, concludes the BJP leader.


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