”Black Fungus cases are increasing day by day”

Patiala: New three cases have come into existence of ‘Black Fungus’ at government Rajindara hospital on sunday. 35 victims of black fungus reflected including private and other hospitals. Out of these 7 died so far and 4 were referred to PGI. Chandigarh is in critical situation.

The CMO revealed that 23 cases are reported in Government hospital of black fungus, 11 are taking treatment and 3 cases reported yesterday. Dr. Satinder Singh civil surgeon confirmed the statement.

Due to black fungus till now 7 died and few were referred to PGI chandigarh. In private hospital total 12 cases are reported 7 are under treatment and rest refered to PGI.

COVID-19 patients continue to died in Rajindara hospital count of death is 11 in last 24 hours. This happened first time that less number of Covid-19 death reported at Rajindara hospital. Start-up of second waves increased the cases where as in last few days it is coming down. Count of 31 were admitted and recovery of 12 discharged.


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