“1720 liters of fake or poisonous liquor was found by Jhansi Police after a rapid raids in two hand pumps in the city”.

Jhansi, UP, India. After 56 deaths due to poisonous liquor in Aligarh, a raid campaign is going on in entire Uttar Pradesh on fake liquor. Meanwhile, in Jhansi, such cases were reported, which the police were also surprised to see. Police raided the Seepri Bazar and Mauranipur areas, while liquor came out from the hand pumps at both the places. The police started running hand pumps and the alcohol started coming out. 1720 liters of liquor has been recovered in both the places.

Police in Jhansi recovered 1720 liters of liquor

Police said that they store raw liquor in tanks inside the ground and run out the hand pumps as per requirement. Police arrested a woman from the spot. Along with this, the police destroyed all the other equipments.

When the excise team raided Deori village of Mauranipur on Saturday, the police could not find anything there. But in the village of Patha, the police saw a hand pump installed there, when it was run, instead of water, alcohol started coming out. After this, the police excavated there. The water tank was buried under the ground. It contained 70 liters of alcohol.


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