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Snehil Sharma, Chandigarh. The tenure of the Mayor in Chandigarh Municipal Corporation is ending soon. Now only 6 months are left. at this point of time, all the three political giants (BJP, Congress and AAP) have come out on manipulation for the next mayoral election. The BJP has so far benefitted the most in this exercise. Because BJP has included two councilors of Congress in the party. At the same time, BJP has prepared two plans for the next mayoral election. This plan is just an analysis, and can be changed reason the Congress new state president.

The new Chandigarh Congress President HS Lucky

Indian National Congress has changed its new Chandigarh State President again. Despite this, a big challenge for the Congress at this time is to stop its party leaders and councilors from joining the BJP. For this, the new state president of Congress HS Lucky has taken the lead.

Chandigarh Politics - HS Lucky new Chandigarh Congress President
HS Lucky new Chandigarh Congress President

Former Union Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal recently held a meeting with all the councilors of the party. Moreover he The rule of defection does not apply in the city, so no matter how many councilors join another party, there is no effect. After the municipal elections, two councilors have left the Congress and joined the BJP.

Chandigarh Political Parties in Opposition Congress and AAP alliance is trouble for BJP

As per the sources, two more Congress councilors are in touch with BJP leaders. At this time, the leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party are also scared because the BJP wants to get the AAP councilors also included in its party. Because BJP knows that they cannot win the next mayoral election without manipulation. Congress and AAP may have an alliance in the next mayoral election.

Chandigarh Politics: Congress men joining BJP Chandigarh

To prevent BJP from making Mayor, AAP and Congress should work on a new strategy, under which AAP will be given the post of Mayor and Congress candidates can be elected for the post of Senior Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayor. BJP leaders believe that if a total of four councilors of Congress and AAP join their party, then even if the alliance between Congress and AAP is formed, it will not make any difference to the BJP.

BJP benefits by getting voting rights to nominated councilors

At the same time, the eyes of the administration and the BJP are also fixed on the decision of the Supreme Court. At present, the matter of giving back voting rights to the nominated councilors is under consideration in the Supreme Court. If the nominated councilors get the right to vote, then even the Congress and AAP united in the mayoral election will not harm the BJP. In such a situation, the BJP will not even need to break the councilor from another party. Nominated councilors are yet to be appointed as the matter is pending in the Supreme Court. Only BJP leaders will be appointed to these posts. A total of 9 nominated councilors are to be made. The BJP’s position will be strengthened if it gets the right to vote in the mayoral election. Till the year 2016, the nominated councilors have been casting their votes.

Mayor’s post reserved for general category

At present, BJP has 14, AAP has 14, Congress has six and one Akali corporator for the mayoral election. BJP also has the vote of MP Kirron Kher. There are still six months for the mayoral election, but political parties are active now. Next year the post of mayor is reserved for the general category. Kanwarjit Rana, Saurabh Joshi and Mahesh Indra Sidhu are top three names for the post of Mayor from BJP next year. Whereas Yogesh Dheegra, Jasbir Singh and Damanpreet are contenders for the post of mayor in AAP. Damanpreet had defeated sitting mayor Ravikant Sharma in the municipal elections.

After forming the government of Aam Aadmi Party in Punjab, now Chandigarh AAP also wants that their candidate to win the post of next mayor. Therefore, AAP has appointed a new co-in-charge Mohali MLA Kulwant Singh. Kulwant Singh has been the Mayor of Mohali Municipal Corporation. Kulwant Singh has good experience of manipulation. Some leaders are also saying that Kulwant Singh will be AAP’s Lok Sabha candidate in the year 2024, so Kulwant Singh has been made co-in-charge of Chandigarh AAP.

Humari Baat Analysis on Chandigarh political polarization

These political parties are busy in manipulations now, if any of these parties might have spent there time in public relationship building and other local issues of Chandigarh, then Chandigarh would have a clear winner. There are few individuals like Mahesh Indra Singh Sidhu who has been very active in performing his duties as councilor. He is grounded and have maintained strong bond with public and won again even after strong competition from HS Lucky others. He is having public support as well. He is active in environmental activities as well.


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