ICCC Chandigarh centralized consumer solution

Humari Baaat news service, Chandigarh. The Integrated Command Control Center (ICCC), built under the Smart City project in Sector-17, is going to become centralized solution point for all kinds of problems. Whether it is a matter of safety on the road or problems related to electricity, water supply and sewerage. This will become a center model for all kinds of problems and facilities.

Right now the traffic police is doing online challans only because of the connectivity of cameras installed at various places in the city. Many other cases have also been resolved with this. Now this center will be developed as the coordination point of all the Chandigarh Administration departments. If any department needs any data from other department for any project, then the command control center will provide this data immediately. The data of all the departments will be available at this centralized comment. This center will interconnect all the departments. The center will also do the work of analyzing the data and making it available as per the need.

All the departments of the city will be connected to the ICCC. This will improve the mutual coordination of all the departments. All departments will be able to implement government schemes and programs on time and better plans can be started.

Special services by ICCC under this project

Not only connectivity, this center will now be developed as a single window. Everyone especially senior citizens will get all the necessary help. Consumers will not need need to go to different administration departments for different services. There would be no requirement to write letters or application to these’ departments separately. A Common help desk and common help line number will also be started here. Here the elderly will get help on real time as soon as they make a call. The entire team will work through its backup.

Advisor message and ordered on ICCC

Advisor Dharam Pal held a meeting with the officials on ICCC on this Monday and discussed the entire system in connecting all the departments with it. This center will be strengthened for everyday things of the . Officials said that all the departments will have to play an important role to make this center successful asap. The advisor said that this center will act as an interface for mutual coordination of all the departments.


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