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While the science faculty has written application to the VC and Students are demanding to fix the problem as soon as possible that will eventually help in collecting rain water to further store it into ground water.

Punjab University’s students are not at all happy with its infrastructure. This time there are numerous questions that are being raised on the rain water harvesting system by its students. Students are complaining that it has not been working for several months. PU admin does not know how much water has been poured into the ground. Students are demanding to fix this system before the arrival of monsoon. It is evident that water is seen flowing at many places in the PU, so it should be settled beforehand.

Students of PU’s science faculty Rohit Sharma, Amar Singh, Yuvraj etc. have sent letters to the VC. They said that the monsoon is about to come. Even last year too, the PU met flooded campus. There was also water logging around the departments. The water of the roofs also flowed to corridors as well. Every year PU can easily pour multi millions liters of water into the ground, but the system is not working. Students have said that government is giving the message of saving water. Students have been taught this right from childhood, but PU Admin might not know the importance of rain water. Students have said that work should be done on this and the system should be fixed as soon as possible.


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