Chandigarh, A well-known theatre group called “Samvaad Theatres” in Chandigarh, staged a Historical light and sound program “Ek Tha Yug Yugpurush – Dr. BR Ambedkar”. It was based on his life and work.

A scene from Ek Tha Yugpurush - BR Ambedkar

Special Guests present in show “Ek Tha Yug Yugpurush – Dr. BR Ambedkar”

  • Dr. S Karuna Raju, IAS Secretary Revenue from Punjab Government
  • Sh. Ajit Balaji Joshi, IAS Deputy Commissioner, Chandigarh
  • Mrs. Latika Sharma, Advocate, MLA, Kalka

The play was directed by Mr. Mukesh Sharma and written by Rajesh Atreya. The play showed early life tortures and harassment faced by him and his community in India. That was mere because of caste discrimination. Even after facing such dilemma, he got all the education from abroad. The torture scenes moved each and every individual from the audience. This theatre play with complete emotions showed his political and religious struggle for the betterment of deprived offs. The play also highlighted his vision, understanding, and maturity in dealing with national issues. The major highlight of the play was when he became chairman of the draft committee of Indian constitution and took major steps in righteousness in writing constitution.

Actors were totally refined and clearly directed by Sharma. Most notable artists were Heera Singh, Madhubala, Tanya Thakur, Diksha Sharma, Pratiksha, Prem Singhania, and Arvind Sharma. The audience were enriched and remembered the legacy of Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar. The play was epitome and ode to the real hero who just initiated new era hence regarded as Yug Purush of Independent India.

Samvaad Theatre is a recognized theatre group run by Mukesh Sharma and is known for reflecting social issues at the front, adding to it, such play becomes away from the mainstream. This play was also one of those sagas played in Chandigarh Theatres.


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