You will find Chandigarh’s evening crowd at two places i.e. at parks and food courts. Every citizen with variable taste and requirement will visit a particular food court. A Fitness enthusiast will visit a shake bar and a youth gang having a party stuff will be seen chilling around a snack bar. Keeping this in mind, Team Humaribaat gathered the reviews of the city people and found the following top ten food places in Chandigarh.

Here is the people’s choice for Top ten Food places in Chandigarh

10. Night Food Street – Best place to visit for food at late night

It is adjacent to the main road thus good for the quick bite. The sitting area has only shed which gives an awesome casual feel while food. The parking area is too small. People visit the famous Night Food Street in late hours. Many people reviewed the place as the appropriate food place in the night because they found the food very tasty and at very affordable prices. On odd hours this place is very good to visit with friends.

9. Sagar Ratna – Best Food place for South India Dishes

It is the best reviewed south Indian restaurant in the City beautiful, addition to that it offers best paneer butter masala, malaai kofta and best naan in Chandigarh. Prices are genuine. Moreover, if you are south Indian food lover then you won’t find any better place. Humari Baat recommends readers to have Maharaja Dosa.

8. Katani Dhaba – Try the newly boosted food place

One of the most hygienic food place, located at three places of the city i.e. Sector 35, sector 15 and sector 7. The people of Chandigarh reviewed the place as one of the most affordable places to eat with good hygiene.

7. Patel Market Food courts– Where a northeast Indian meets a southwest Indian

Yes, you heard it right. Sector 15 is the residence of PGs because many people across India come to Chandigarh to take admission in either Punjab University and Govt colleges of sector 11, Chandigarh. Most of all the PG crowd and hostelers living in the sector and nearby visit the Patel market food courts. In Evening, you will not find a place to step into the food court. The food court also attracts city youths to taste the fast food.

6. Bikanerwala Sweets – The Folk Delight

Famous Sweet chain i.e. Bikanerwala is known for Tasty food with nice ambiance and most the Economic on Madhyamarg road. Sweets here are better then any other sweet shop. Chaat had authentic Rajasthani taste. This is one of the family food place and easily located at Madhya Marg Sector 26 Chandigarh. Highly recommended when your wife or mom wishing to taste food outside.

5. Student Center Punjab University – The Most Gala Place of City Beautiful

One cannot even begin to describe the awesomeness of this place. Probably it is one of the most happening and cheapest Food places in the tricity and maybe the only place which can boast of touching the lives of every student who ever had been to the university. Really One cannot define the life, energy, and aura of the place.

4. Sindhi Sweets – The Most Crowded and one of the Oldest Family Resturant in the City Beautiful

One of the best food joints in the tricity which is serving scrumptious snacks, food. meals and sweets. It is quite economical as well so that you can afford almost any kind of dish. The Service is super fast even at peak hours and the staff is also very well behaved and courteous.

3. Gopal Sweets – A complete and best Resturant in Chandigarh

Since it’s named Gopal sweets, they really offer a good variety of sweet eatables and if you have a lot of choice for little expensive sweets and other eatables to take to your relatives. Do visit here if you are into gifting sweets, Biscuits, cakes or other things. You can eat there…it’s good for kids elders and young people as well. It is basically Indian Chaat and sweets and Indian food like chole bhature and pav bhaji. They have good beverages here from soft drinks to lassi, coffee, and badam milk. You won’t repent at all if you eat here.

2. Fauji Dhaba – Making its way in Chandigarhian’s mind body and tongue

Not a Resturant but two dhabas are most favorite among people. Fauji Dhabha is at the second position because of Sweets numero uno, Non-Veg numero uno, Veg numero uno. It is the oldest in Manimajra.Yes, It is second most visited food place in Chandigarh.

1. Pal Dhaba – Still the best and most visited one

Pal Dhaba is the most popular among foodies of Tricity as the place serves authoritative Punjabi delicacies. Kadhai Paneer and Butter Chicken are most delicious. Both natives and tourists love the crowd as it has both families as well as the young crowd. All the dishes are delicious but Pal Dhaba has known for its Non-Veg. Service is quick and food price is just good. One must visit this place if you are a foodie.

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