UT Chandigarh Subordinate Services Federation protest against chd administration

Chandigarh. Today, on May 5, 2023, subordinate workers working on contract in Sector 17 staged a protest against the Chandigarh administration. Due to the non-fulfillment of their demands, they had to stage this dharna.

UT Chandigarh Subordinate Services Federation protest against chd administration

This gathering of more than 70 workers made the entire Sector 17 reverberate with their slogans. Workers say that the administration has updated DC in Chandigarh. He is not implementing the rate due to which he has to face so many difficulties. The workers further told that nowadays inflation has gone so late that’s why the old salary is not able to live at home.

A few days ago, Chandigarh MC contractual and private employees too staged a protest against the central government for not taking their UT Contractual employees seriously. They were asking to stop privatizing governmental institutions. The second issue is regarding re-initiate the old pension system and abolishing PFRDA Act. Moreover, contractual employees demanded to have the same salary as contractual workers are working as equal as regular workers. Their protest was on labor day and mutually organized by the Federation of UT Employees and Workers, the employees of UT administration, the municipal corporation (MC), and other departmental organizations.

The demands associated with contract employees are genuine, it has to be completed. Contrary to this, General Public put many complaints online via many complaint board websites, against regular government working employees who serve the general public badly. Just Google such instances where you will find how badly they treat consumers and poor people.


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