A shameful sentence related to a fake journalist belonging to Alwar district, who does not tire of describing himself as the owner and director of a private channel, is now rising in the minds of the people. The sentence is of the year 2008 when the assembly elections in the state were about to happen, at that time this director sahib was also put on the tree by his chicks to contest the election and this sahib also got involved in the ticket race.
But even after lakhs of efforts, he did not feel anything special, and to get the ticket of sister’s party, he settled a deal with a party of Haryana for 50 lakh rupees. 50 lakh could not be gathered and out of fear, these sages stopped picking up the phone calls of the Haryana party.
Due to which the party of Haryana reached the director’s house with some goons. Picked up the wife and took her to a hotel outside the city. When the director came to know about this incident, he reached the hotel along with his well wishers and joined hands and feet to rescue his wife from the party of Haryana, due to which the party of Haryana left his wife out of pity.
Due to this childish act of her husband, the mercury of the wife reached the seventh sky and she reached the maternal house threatening divorce. With great difficulty, by joining hands and feet of his wife, he saved his house from destruction.
Now there is an interesting discussion among the people of Alwar for the last many years that the Bahubalis of Haryana did nothing wrong with the wife of the director in those four-five hours? Like Sita had left Pak clean?
Another interesting question related to this is also that like Lord Ram, did the Director Saheb, who had spent four to five hours in the captivity of those Bahubalis, got his wife to undergo some fire-test like Sita?
Now in Alwar itself, the staunch opponents of the director and the people who are jealous of him are standing at the intersections of Alwar, enjoying the chatter of this old story.
Although no one has any documentary evidence of this incident today, but in the political and media corridors of Alwar, it is considered to be a true incident and if the director finds this incident only to be a defamatory story, then he should come to the public for this. The matter should be clarified.


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