I can say confidently that every woman in India has felt discriminated at one point of time whether at home or at workplace. At home a woman is treated to be less stronger than her brother or husband. Even if she does all the house chores, handles her job, gives time to her family, she is symbolised as a weak creature where as most of the men feel ashamed in doing the house chores. A woman does all the work on her periods that a man does on any normal day and I bet no man can bare the pain of delivering a baby so at what stage are women weak? It is high time that women empowerment reaches its peak. Women and as well as men should support equality from the house chores at home to equal work wages at work. Society should stop asking women questions like will you work after marriage? Isn’t it difficult for you to work in night shifts? Rather gear up and create an environment that enables women to do these things without having a second thought. If a family helps a woman in the house chores, supports her and motivates her to build up her career, it will be way easier for her to stand against these questions. If we teach our men how to treat a woman, walking alone down the street, the world will definitely be a better place to live if an alone woman on the road is free from fear of being raped anytime especially in our country, India. So, it should not be the women who are to be asked questions rather the people in the society who give a chance to raise these questions against women. Some men ask then why reserved seats for women in bus? The answer to such question is the day men will bleed non stop for seven days of every month, their legs would be swollen, they would be suffering from extreme cramps, mood swings, diarrhea and what not, that day they will be capable of asking this question. Women don’t want a place superior or inferior to men, women just want a place to stand equal to men, women don’t want just men to handle the house, women just want men to help them to handle the house so that they can go out to work and for their workplace, get equal work wages as her male colleagues without demanding for it and that is what women empowerment resembles to me.


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